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Sorbet drinks “slush”

Various tastes syrups for making sorbets or so called slush ice drinks:

  • Blueberry taste sorbet mix
  • Cola taste sorbet mix
  • Energy taste sorbet mix
  • Strawberry taste sorbet mix
  • Kiwi taste sorbet mix
  • Lime taste sorbet mix
  • Raspberry taste sorbet mix
  • Orange taste sorbet mix
  • Green apple taste sorbet mix
  • Mango taste sorbet mix

Waffle cones for ice creams

ledu kauseliai

  • Various ice cream cones (sweet or nor sweet)

Please contact us for more details.


Ice cream mixes


  • Liquid mixes for soft ice cream, packed in convenient "tetra-pack" packaging.
  • Powdered vanilla or chocolate mixes, which are mixed together with water for making soft ice creams.
  • Powdered mixes for artisanal ice cream making
  • Powdered mixes for bases of making the ice creams.
  • Various additives and stabilizers for ice creams.