We provide following services to our clients

Products delivery

New products and recipes adaptation based on customer needs


Seminars and workshops in our or clients headquarters

About us

The company Panemunes egle has been established in 1993 in Lithuania. From the very beginning we have been wholesalers of various raw materials for bread and confectionery products.
Profesional technologists who have much experience in their field provide high skilled assistance during launch of new products and their use in production, they also deal with production-related technological problems. This means, that we work closely with all our clients and assist them all the time, during all production processes.
Each year we organize seminars and workshops to our clients to introduce global trends and new products and their application in the market according to customer needs. Each new product which is being launched in our asortment is being carefully tested in our demo bakery, recipes of backed-end products are being created and presented to the clients. Whats more, that we constantly seek new and creative ways for applications of existing products.
Based on customer needs we organize individual workshops in our or clients headquarters, where professional chefs and technologists from our representative producers share their experience and know-how.
Our motto is „best partner for bakers“. This means, that we are ready to assist our clients from the placement of order for products till it‘s application and use in production.
Long experience in this field, close partnership with biggest bakeries and confectionary shops guarantees top quality to our service and products.
The company was granted with „Strongest in Lithuania 2014 and 2023“ certificates, proving that the company is reliable and implements its financial obligations on time, and there is a high probability that the company will implement its financial obligations in the future.
Also the company has been nominated to 2014 and 2016 year “Gazelė“ nominations, which proves, that it has been among fastest growing companies in Lithuania between 2010, 2013 and 2015 year.

We represent producers from all over the world, whose activity and experience is already over 80 years. All of our represented producers has established strict quality control systems, which meet highest quality standards for ISO, IFS, HACCP, BRC certificates.


Ingredients for bread yeast dough products

Wheat flour in bowl and spikelets isolated on white

Organic raw materials for bread products


Mixes and pre-mixes for bread and confectionery products


Fillings for bread and confectionery products


Confectionery raw materials


Chocolate and chocolate creams


Whipping creams and ingredients


For product decorations


Products for ice cream and sherbet drinks


Fats and shortenings