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Ready to use decorations

Ready to use decorations, which are ordered from our supplier product catalogs, please contact us for more details:

  • Cake stands
  • Sugar and plastic decorations
  • Forms for cakes and decorations
  • Silicone forms

Decorations for confectionery products

konditeriniu dekoravimui

  • Various thermo-stable and non thermo-stable decorations
  • Various spreadings
  • Dark and light chocolate flakes, sticks and pieces
  • Rice pellets

Decorations for yeast dough products

[gallery link="none" size="full" ids="287,286"]

  • Sugar powder resistant to moisture
  • Husked buckwheat
  • Almond glaze mix
  • Various cereal mixes

Decor gels


  • Various tastes and colors decor gels, which are based on water or fats.

Decor toppings

sokoladiniai glaistai

  • Chocolate glazes with real chocolate (white or dark)

Sugar mass for cakes

[gallery size="full" link="none" ids="283,282"]

  • Sugar mass for covering the cakes
  • Sugar mass for making the decorations
  • Sugar mass powders for making the decorations