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Tools for confectionery

We can offer wide range of confectionery tools and materials, please contact us:

  • Confectionery bags for piping
  • Tools for making the decorations
  • Other tools and materials



Decorate and enrich your goods with dessert toppings, we are able to offer wide range of them, please contact us.


Marzipan and nuts


  • Real marzipan and its mixes
  • Powdered marzipan
  • Almond flakes
  • Persipan

Food colors

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Provide to your goods the desired colors, choose from our wide range of various types food colors:

  • With and without AZO colors
  • Sprayed colors
  • Powdered colors soluble in fats or water
  • Liquid colors, soluble in fats
  • Colors for chocolate
  • Aerosol colors

Confectionery pastes


We can offer very wide range of confectionery pastes, in order to give to your products your desired taste and color:

  • Pastes for custard creams
  • Pastes for creams
  • Pastes for ice creams
  • Pastes for sweets and candies
  • Pastes for doughs

Confectionery essences

We are able to offer various taste confectionery essences, which will give your products the desired aromas. Just please contact us and let us know, what are your needs.


Compounds for confectionery

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Decorate and spread your goods with our compounds, which will not only make your backed-end products more beautiful but also more tasty:

  • Banana compound
  • Strawberry compound
  • Orange compound
  • Lemon compound
  • Caramel compound
  • Pistachio compound
  • Neutral sweet (fondant) compound
  • Light or dark (chocolate) compounds